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RaQ550 Information

.:. Server Desktop
Web-based GUI allows for extreme ease-of-use. The Cobalt RaQ 550 provides end users with a simple yet powerful interface to manage and modify virtual sites.

.:. IP Address Allocation

The main administrator of the server can specify and limit what IP addresses will be made available to the other administrators when they create or modify virtual sites. This feature allows service providers and network administrators to fully delegate virtual site management while still making sure that IP addressing will be consistent across the network.

.:. User Import/Export
The administrator can use this function to import or export a user list in TSV (Tab Separated Value) format. This is a great time saving feature to move users between Virtual sites or servers.

.:. Multiple Administrators

The system administrator can create additional administrator accounts. The system admin can delegate the administration to trusted third parties.

.:. Cobalt BlueLinQ

Cobalt BlueLinQ application delivery service is an innovative mechanism that gives Cobalt RaQ 550 server administrators instant access to the latest product updates and new services as they become available. Using Cobalt's BlueLinQ technology, the appliance notifies the administrator when a new package is available, and then with a click of a button, allows the administrator to download the new software package and have it automatically installed.

.:. Active Monitor
Active monitor is a utility that regularly checks key system components for proper operation. Active monitor automatically sends notification messages to the administrator in the event a system component has problems.

.:. Auto DNS (Domain Name Server)
The automatic DNS configuration option updates the DNS records when creating or modifying virtual sites. This new feature dramatically simplifies the task of managing virtual sites.

.:. SSH Server
A pre-installed SSHv2 server allows the administrator and users to securely connect to the server appliance using a standard SSH client. The use of SSH considerably increases the system's security by encrypting all data including passwords that are exchanged between the client and the server appliance.

.:. Port Scan Detection
Enhanced server security. The Cobalt RaQ 550 server automatically detects port scans. If the administrator chooses to do so, port scans can be logged, the emitter of the scan can be automatically blocked and an email alert can be sent to the system administrator.

.:. Buffer Overflow Protection
Enhanced server security. The main services on the Cobalt RaQ 550 server are protected against buffer overflow in order to protect the system against "stack-smashing" attacks. Stack-smashing attacks are one of the most common forms of penetration attacks on the Internet and exploit vulnerabilities known as "buffer overflow vulnerabilities".

.:. Journaling file system implemented via XFS
XFS is a journaling file system capable of quick fail over recovery after unexpected interruptions. XFS is an important feature for mission-critical applications as it ensures data integrity and dramatically reduces startup time by avoiding FSCK delay.

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